Business Architecture in Asset Management, Investment Banking, and Private Banking



We are looking for congenial and authentic colleagues with relevant experience in our core industries – Asset Management, Investment Banking, and Private Banking – who are seeking an opportunity to apply and develop these experiences combined with their well-grounded methodical skills in our client projects. You should have obtained a graduate degree, are open to (occasional international) travel, and have a fluent written and spoken command of the German and English language.

The challenges and goals in our typical management projects are often only sketchily defined and require a strong measure of creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. You are working closely with our client’s staff and decision makers and must be able to communicate and present your ideas and strategies in a structured and conclusive way – without losing sight of the big picture or the client’s individual requirements.

ekkono is a fast growing and dynamic firm. Therefore we are looking for employees interested in quickly assuming responsibility – not only on client projects but also in promoting in-house initiatives. You should enjoy an open culture and exchange of ideas as well as the focused development of your competencies.