Business Architecture in Asset Management, Investment Banking, and Private Banking


The Asset Management Market

Confront challenges, differentiate from competitors. Be one step ahead of the market, react to trends early. The usual questions, but sustained success needs more. EKKONO is your partner in ensuring that your products, your organization, and your processes are built for the future.

Asset Management Firms and their service providers are facing various challenges that are not solely driven by the market but also originate from within their organizations, processes and technical platforms – just to name a few:

  • The fast implementation of new instruments and asset classes, in order to access new performance resources and provide the opportunity for innovative investment strategies (e.g. Portable Alpha).
  • An increase in specialization and the division of tasks, that leads to even more interfaces and new requests for transparency and service orientation.
  • Covering the span between standardization and automation at the same time as strengthening core competencies to become more flexible and a true value-add.
  • Regulations for Risk Controlling, Compliance and Reporting are mounting and provide – together with appropriate client requests – for a constant “background noise” on projects.
  • The demands on your employee’s ability to adapt, their qualifications, your processes and all supporting platforms are constantly increasing.
  • Growing (international) competition and concentration in Germany require an even stronger focus on core competencies and business models.
  • Using your IT in the right manner will differentiate you from your competition. A close and professional collaboration between Org / IT and your Front-entities will make the difference between success or failure.