Business Architecture in Asset Management, Investment Banking, and Private Banking


Core Competencies

EKKONO core competencies and project examples

  • Development, review, and implementation of business models, e.g. concerning organization and strategic alignment of the money and capital market business.
  • Deepening the sophistication of trade support, e.g. through set-up of a middle office and establishing new models of cooperation between the traders and trade support.
  • Risk Management reengineering and extension within the COO-Office and risk controlling as well as the corresponding adaptation of the IT architecture.
  • Review and (re-)development of functional architectures, processes, and organizational structures, e.g. in proprietary trading or set-up of custodian functionality.
  • Set-up of business valuation models and transaction processes (spot and forward, exchange traded and OTC.)
  • Design, implementation, release change and migration of architectures and platforms as well as system know-how support (Tibco, Triarch, Murex, Front Arena, etc.)