Business Architecture in Asset Management, Investment Banking, and Private Banking


About Us

EKKONO is a management consultancy advising companies in the financial services market and was founded by Dr. Harald Wegner in the year 2000.

EKKONO emphasizes a “Business Architecture” philosophy, which insists that initiatives, be they highly strategic or rather operational, can rarely be treated singularly and separate from a company’s actual market, internal organization, capabilities, technologies, and dependencies.

Together with a drive to work collaboratively with our clients instead of isolated or authoritative, this regularly results in an approach focused on building creative solutions that actually and sustainably work and add value. They are tailored to the individual client’s specific internal and external parameters and designed to harness their unique operational excellence.

To be able to  support our clients not only with sophisticated methodology but also the extensive experience and deep know-how necessary to reach these goals, EKKONO focuses solely on the Asset Management, Investment Banking, and Private Banking industry.

The second cornerstone of this approach is the fact that all people working at EKKONO, while being experts in their field, offer the comprehensive, often international, project experience as well as substantial education and competence to quickly and productively engage on the challenges of our clients.