Business Architecture in Asset Management, Investment Banking, and Private Banking



EKKONO emphasizes a “Business Architecture” philosophy, which insists that initiatives, be they highly strategic or rather operational, can rarely be treated singularly and separate from a company’s actual and immediate market environment, internal organization, specific capabilities, available technologies, and (un-)known dependencies. Leading firms must embrace a holistic way of keeping their whole Business Architecture in their sights. When dealing with transformational situations, unaddressed dependencies cost time, money, and more often then not undo competitive advantage.

Combined with a drive to work collaboratively with our clients instead of isolated or authoritative, this regularly results in an approach focused on building creative solutions that actually work and add value. Values such as integrity, consequence, and sustainability are at the centre of our attention, we live and honor a culture that leaves no room for the often lamented “consultant-attitude.” Our solutions are tailored to the individual client’s specific internal and external parameters and are designed to harness their unique operational excellence – while keeping a clear view on implementation and operational cost.

EKKONO focuses clearly on the Asset Management, Investment Banking, and Private Banking industry, to be able to acually support our clients not only with this sophisticated methodology but also the extensive experience and deep know-how necessary to reach these goals. This market focus also provides us with significant insights into the differences and similarities of the business and operating models in these industries – opening the doors to identify potential synergies and innovative applications of established solutions across industry boundaries.

Last but definitely not least, if you want to accomplish exceptional things you have to be able to count on exceptional colleagues. All people working at EKKONO, while being experts in their field, offer the comprehensive, often international, project experience as well as substantial education and competence to quickly and productively engage in the challenges of our clients. This of course is complemented by comprehensive opportunities for on-the-job and offsite training. Additionally we invest in working on new, relevant topics (e.g. by working with organizations related to the financial services industry) to analyze the problems our clients have to cope with in the future early, and always be one step ahead.

Please feel free and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or want to know more about us, how we work, and what we can do for you.